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Use our English language skill tests to assess candidates for various job roles such as

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Entry Level Candidate
  • Candidate with 0 to 1 year of experience

Our questions measure the below mentioned relevant skills

  • Language
  • Comprehension
  • Questions on easy level, medium level, high level English paragraphs. The candidate has to answer MCQ questions on the paragraph which will indicate his level of comprehension.

“A High level of proficiency in the English Language is a must in our company for any employee as there is a regular interaction with international clients. By developing reading comprehension tests exactly as we desired, Interview Mocha has ensured that all our recruits speak fluent English.”

Vishal Jadhav
Managing Director - Crescendo WorldWide
Interview Mocha - Client-Testimonial-Vishal Jadhav Managing Director Crescendo WorldWide

Take your first step to hire job fit candidate