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About Mocha

Countless surveys have found employers complaining about how difficult it is to get the right candidate. Technological advancements have further shortened the skill matrix evolution span. Where it once changed every 10 years, today it evolves on a yearly basis. Thus, making it more difficult to match the right candidate with the right job. How do enterprises make sure they keep up with this advancement?

Interview Mocha is on a mission to help enterprises hire job-fit candidates faster. We offer the most comprehensive skills assessment solutions that tackle aforementioned recruitment and upskilling challenges. The team at Interview Mocha is adept at preparing assessments that are fully capable of analyzing an employee’s expertize at his or her skill set.

Interview Mocha’s Vision goes beyond addressing the current challenges ably. By 2030, it is estimated that 65% of the skills will be new, that do not exist today. We conduct in-depth market research to identify these needs and prepare assessments accordingly by collaborating with experts from these fields.

Meet the Founders

Meet the people who drive Interview Mocha's mission to help organizations make better hiring decisions.

  • Amit, as the CEO and co-founder, has been setting the vision and direction for the company. Prior to Interview Mocha, Amit founded Radix Business Models, an IT Services company in 2007 and exited in 2012.

    He is known for his acumen of digital marketing which has helped Interview Mocha to achieve rapid growth.

  • Sujit is passionate about building Technology Products which Customers love to use. Entrepreneurial thinker with ability to conceptualize and lead product initiatives, and communicate value at all levels of the company.

    He is a seasoned Technology Advisor for SaaS, Big data Analytics, Enterprise Mobility & Cloud.

Angels and Advisors
  • Wolfgang Höltgen
  • Prasanna Krishnamoorthy
  • Kumar Karpe
  • Prabakaran Murugaiah
Our Clientele

More than 1,000 companies from 70+ countries use Interview Mocha as a reliable partner to screen candidates for a wide range of skills and job roles

Our Offerings

1,500+ ready skills
  • IT skills
  • Coding skills
  • Cognitive & Aptitude skills
  • Next-Gen skills
  • Job based skills
  • Enterprise assessment platform
  • AI solution for effective assessment
  • Integrated with leading ATS, LMS
  • Omni channel (Web, Mobile, Chatbots)

Awards & Recognition

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