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Our PHP online tests will help you to assess PHP skills of candidates to hire

  • Junior PHP Developer (0 -2 yrs of experience)
  • Senior PHP Developer ( 3-5 yrs of experience)
  • PHP Web Developer ( 0- 5 yrs of experience)
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Zend Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Full Stack developer
  • Joomla Developer
  • PHP Expert
  • Symfony Developer

You can measure below mentioned skills by using PHP Tests online:-

  • Ability to develop & maintain dynamic websites & web applications using PHP coding.
  • Knowledge of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, XML, etc
  • PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Joomla, Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Drupal, etc.
  • Object-oriented PHP Programming
  • JavaScript Extensions, Embedding JavaScript in HTML, JavaScript in Web Browser etc.
  • HTML web designing Skills
  • Using CSS in web developing
  • Cross- Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Basic knowledge of SQL/NoSQL databases, database schemas & their declarative query languages
  • Ability to develop & integrate plugins

For our clients, we need PHP developers for server side scripting. Interview Mocha allows us to thoroughly test the coding ability and technical knowledge of the applicants by providing online PHP Tests. We will continue to use Interview Mocha and highly recommend it to any user.

Sunil Nikhar
- Digilant Solutions

Take your first step to hire job fit candidate