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CakePHP Online Skills Test

Topics Covered

  • Database and Model
  • Routing and Configuration
  • Sessions and Forms
  • Authorization
  • Exception Handling
  • Functions and Global Functions
  • Validations
  • Folders
  • and Files

Useful for hiring

  • PHP Developers - CakePHP
  • CakePHP Developer
  • CakePHP Programmer

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Which of the following are the correct folder supported schemes in CakePHP ?

    • Folder::SKIP, Folder::MERGE, Folder::OVERWRITE, Folder::correctSlashFor

    • Folder::SKIP, Folder::MERGE, Folder::OVERWRITE

    • Folder::SKIP, Folder::MERGE, Folder::correctSlashFor

    • Folder::SKIP, Folder::OVERWRITE, Folder::correctSlashFor


The requirePresence() function has following modes:

    • true, false, create, update

    • true, create, update

    • true, false, create, save

    • false, create, update


The allowEmpty() function has which of the following modes?

    • false, create, update

    • false, true, create, update

    • true, create, update

    • false, true, create

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