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Online PHP Technical Test – High Level

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Marty wants to protect Alex, and for that, he has arranged a special force of expert officers. But Captain Chantel is also an intelligent enemy of Marty, and she has also arranged a bunch of expert shooters.

Every man has some experience points. In this scenario, Marty's men have "even" experience points, and Captain Chantel's men have "odd" experience points.

Now, Marty's strategy is to place his men in ascending order so that, if an enemy is going to attack, then the more experienced men can easily take over the enemy.

But, Captain Chantel also has a strategy. Captain Chantel will send her force in descending order of experience points so that their motive of killing Alex will be achieved, as, even if the most experienced ones die the less experienced ones can reach inside and kill Alex.

Now, you have been given an array of experience points of men, and you have to find the men belonging to Marty's Force and Captain Chantel's Force and print their experience points in appropriate order.

It consists of 2 lines. 
The first line consists of a single integer N, the total number of men available to join the two forces. 
The next line comprises on N space-separated integers, each integer denoting the experience points of a single man.

Output 2 lines. 
The first line comprises of space-separated integers denoting the experience points of every man in Marty's Force in the appropriate order.
The next line comprises of space-separated integers denoting the experience points of every man in Captain Chantel's force in the appropriate order.

Sample Input
3 1 14 7 6 7 2

Sample Output 
2 6 14
7 7 3 1


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