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Why to use Descriptive Simulator

  • Technology is evolving at fast pace and there is no reason why pre-employment testing should stay behind, where online skills tests are widely accepted as a default screening mechanism,
  • Interview Mocha's descriptive test simulator will bring more objectivity and fairness to the process.
  • The Descriptive assessment simulator can also prove to be very useful tool for speeding up educational assessments and employee training assessments,
  • Don't rely on MCQ based skill tests alone because of the guesswork involved. For better and accurate skills assessment, try descriptive test simulator to evaluate candidates through written answers online.

“I just bought the Basic package to start (we would need more soon) with because I am really happy with your pre employment skill testing software and also your great support.”

Albrecht Senden
CTO - Booxware
Interview Mocha - Client-Testimonial

Take your first step to hire job fit candidate