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SOA Security Test Assessment

Topics Covered

  • Hashing Function
  • Security Services
  • Direct Authentication
  • Standardized Service Contract
  • Security Policies

Useful for hiring

  • Solution Architect 
  • Technical Architect
  • Sr. Security Architect

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A hashing function always returns _____________ for the same input data.

    • a different transformation

    • a different digest

    • the same transformation

    • the same digest


A valid signature issued by a certificate authority provides a guarantee that:

    • the certificate authority can be trusted

    • the certificate is not expired

    • the certificate is being used for an authorized purpose

    • None of the mentioned.


The application of the __________ pattern can eliminate the need for__________. However, the application of this pattern can also introduce increased dependency on __________ that can result in a single point of failure for multiple services.

    • Data Origin Authentication, distributed tokens, a single token

    • Direct Authentication, multiple identity stores, a central identity store

    • Brokered Authentication, distributed tokens, a central token

    • None of the mentioned

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