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Online Sales Aptitude Test for Sales Representative

Topics Covered

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Excel Advance 2016

Useful for hiring

  • Sales Executives
  • Salesperson
  • Sales Representative
  • Telemarketers

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You are the Sales Manager of a product based firm. A potential customer requested the quotation for one of your products. You forwarded the quotation which contains the prices. The customer replies saying, "Hi John, I want to discuss some details regarding the quotation. Let's have a meeting tomorrow.". Select the correct option regarding the meeting.

    • You should start the meeting by providing a reasonable discount to the customer for making him buy the product.

    • You should start the meeting by providing him the discount brochure for the product.

    • You should let the customer start the meeting and understand the points put forth.

    • All of them are good ways to start the meeting.


Mary is a young and dynamic sales representative. She works for a consumer durables company in the US. During the client interactions, she diligently thanks her customers and shares her visiting cards. 
After every meeting, she shares minutes of the meeting with the client and succeeds it with a formal follow up. How can she further improve her sales interactions?

    • Mary can continue to remain formal and polite with the client throughout the meeting. No change is recommended.

    • Many sales interactions will require her to get to the items on the agenda quickly. In such cases, she can directly start with the agenda to save time.

    • In the current scenario, it is better to be flexible than structured. She can be more customer-centric, rather than process-centric.

    • Mary should be punctual in her meetings, and be specific about the agenda.


Which of the following functions will return the interest amount paid for the payment number mentioned in Cell A8 ?

    • '=-IPMT(B2/B4,A8,B4*B3,B5)

    • '=-IPMT(B2/B4,B4*B3,A8,B5)

    • '=-IPMT(A8,B2/B4,B4*B3,B5)

    • '=-IPMT(B2/B4,B4*B3,B5,A8)

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