Ruby On Rails Online Test

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open-source web application framework written in Ruby, an object-oriented programming language. Rails is a model–view–controller ( MVC ) framework, providing default structures for a database, a web service and web pages. It encourages and facilitates the use of web standards such as XML or JSON for data transfer and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for display and user interfacing. In addition to MVC, Rails emphasizes convention over configuration (CoC), don't repeat yourself (DRY) and the active record pattern. Ruby is an open source, the dynamic programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms.

The Ruby on Rails programming test helps recruiters & hiring managers to validate skills of the candidates related to Ruby programming on Rails framework before hiring. Screen under-qualified candidates using our scientifically designed Ruby on Rails knowledge test & spend the time interviewing only relevant candidates.

Ruby on Rails coding test enables employers to identify & hire potential ROR developers. Therefore, an emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience rather than theoretical knowledge. Our hiring analytics will be generated instantly which gives you a detailed analysis of technical skills related strengths & weaknesses of the candidates. It will help you in making better hiring decisions. 

Ruby on Rails Online Test is created & validated by our global subject matter experts (SME)s to assess the Ruby programming skills of  ROR developer on Rails - as per Industry Standards. The Ruby on Rails online test contains a combination of application and theory questions that helps you to evaluate technical as well as practical skills of candidates.

The Ruby on Rails test may contain MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, LogicBox ( AI-based Pseudo-Coding Platform), Coding Simulations, True or False Questions, etc.  

Online Ruby on Rails test is designed considering EEOC guidelines, It will help you assess & hire diverse talent without any bias.

Topics covered
  • Ruby Basics
  • Control Flow in Ruby
  • Looping with Ruby
  • Array and Hashes
  • Blocks and Sorting
  • Hashes and Symbols
  • Blocks
  • Procs and Lambdas
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Modules and Mixins
  • Working with Files
  • Metaprogramming
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Test Duration: 20 min
  • No of Questions: 10
Useful for hiring
  • RoR Developer (2-4 yrs of experience)
  • RoR Programmer
  • Ruby on Rails Application Developer
Also you can tailor this assessment by
  • Selecting your choice of questions and topics
  • Adding other related skills
  • Adding your own questions
  • Talking to our assessment expert
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Megan Akhras, Co-founder & director, J'Excelle, Canada
Megan Akhras, Co-founder & director, JExcelle, Canada
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