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PHP 7 Programming Test

Topics Covered

  • Regular Expression
  • Extensions
  • Constants
  • Functions
  • Core - Refacetion
  • Strings - Unicode
  • Filesystem - Including
  • Core - StdClass

Useful for hiring

  • Sr. PHP Developer-PHP 7
  • Core PHP Web Developer- PHP 7
  • PHP Programmer-PHP 7

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PHP 7.2 changed a bit how the function json_encode() works. Which of the following represents the correct way to use it now?

    • $data = json_encode($json);

    • $data = Json_encode( utf8_encode($json) );

    • $data = new Json($json)->toString();

    • $data = (array) $json;


Considering the new hashing algorithms available on PHP 7.2 and 7.3, which of the following is NOT a safe way to create hashes?

    • md5()

    • hash_pbkdf2()

    • password_hash()

    • crypt()


You are working on a class that will handle floating point calculations for an astronomy software. Since the numbers are possibly huge, you have to be sure the platform running the software is able to handle such numbers.
Which constant available on PHP 7.2 can you use on this case?




    • There are no constants with this information

Test details:

PHP 7 online test enables employers and recruiters to identify potential hires by evaluating working skills and job readiness. For this reason, the emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience, rather than theoretical knowledge. 

PHP 7 pre-employment test may contain MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, True or False.

Test Duration: 20 minutes

10 Application Questions

Test description:

PHP 7 is one of the major release of PHP programming language and is touted to be a revolution in the way web applications can be developed and delivered for mobile to enterprises and the cloud. PHP 7 allows serving more concurrent users without requiring any additional hardware. PHP 7 is mainly designed and refactored in such a way that it can be used by the organizations considering today's workloads.

PHP 7 programming test helps recruiters & hiring managers to evaluate PHP 7 development skills of a candidate. You can assess candidate’s knowledge on PHP 7 basics such as functional programming. Online PHP 7 test is designed by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) to assess and hire PHP developer as per the industry standards.

PHP 7 development test helps to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows:

1.  Strong knowledge of writing testable and re-usable PHP 7 modules
2.  Excellent knowledge of all new features of PHP 7
3.  Strong experience with MySQL database
4.  Knowledge of HTML / XHTML, JavaScript, CSS
5.  Ability to work on complete web application development lifecycles
6.  Solid experience to work on web application servers

Online PHP 7 test has powerful reporting feature which will help you get instant result and an option to share this result with your recruiting team. You can analyze section wise performance of candidate to gauge his strengths and weaknesses. Features like window violation and webcam proctoring help detect cheating during the test.

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