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Online Puppet & Chef Test

Topics Covered

  • Node Objects
  • Recipe
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Recipe and attributes
  • Chef Client-Server configuration
  • Authentication and Security
  • Knife plugins
  • Chef server
  • Run lists
  • Relationships and ordering
  • Environment Management
  • Installing Puppetdb
  • Managing your manifest
  • Packages & Dependencies Handling
  • Configuration Management
  • Settings
  • CA auto signing
  • Settings
  • CSR signing

Useful for hiring

  • DevOps Engineer - Puppet / Chef
  • Chef Consultant
  • Puppet Expert

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For the given code snippet, find out the exact number of notify statements that will be triggered.

if "false" {
    notify {
if 'false' {
    notify {
        'Also true':
if false {
    notify {
        'Not true':

    • 0

    • 1

    • 2

    • 3


In certain nodes that match a criteria, you want to include a block of puppet code in their catalogs. In order to do this, which of the following methods can be used?

1: Using a node statement
2: Using an external node classifier
3: Using conditional statements

    • Only 1

    • Only 1 and 2

    • Only 2 and 3

    • All 1,2 and 3

    • None of the mentioned


Puppet agents have the following setting set

server = "abcd"
(this is not code, it just represents the setting of the setting 'server')

In the puppet master (assume it is the only one), where must the value "abcd" be set?

    • dns_alt_names 

    • certname

    • hostname

    • Either A or B

    • Either A or C

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