Office 365 Admin Online Test

Topics covered

  • Password Management, Setting up
  • Email flow, Lync Online, Configure Lync
  • Email Migration, Configure Lync
  • Outlook Web App, Domain Setting
  • Setting Office 365 DNS, Adding domain to office 365
  • Email flow, DNS Records for Automatic Client Configuration
  • Configuring Modern Authentication for Office Clients
  • Data Privacy Management for Office Telemetry

  • MAQ (Multiple Answer Question)
  • MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)
  • Descriptive Question
  • White Board Simulator
  • Coding Simulator
  • Audio Question
  • Video Question
  • Case Study Question

Office 365 Admin Test helps recruiting teams & hiring managers to check the candidate’s knowledge for Office 365 administration before an interview.

The Office 365 admin quiz is designed & validated by global subject matter experts to check administration skills of candidates for office 365 admin role - as per Industry Standards.

Office 365 business plan gives you a special Office 365 account that has admin permissions. This account is called an admin account that helps you to assign admin roles & give permission to users in your organization. It is used to set up your organization in the cloud by managing users, managing subscriptions, and much more.

Office 365 online test contains questions on following Topics:

  • Password Management

  • Setting up

  • Email flow

  • Lync Online

  • Configure Lync

  • Email Migration

  • Configure Lync

  • Outlook Web App

  • Domain Setting

  • Setting Office 365 DNS

  • Adding domain to office 365

  • Email flow

  • DNS Records for Automatic Client Configuration

  • Configuring Modern Authentication for Office Clients 

  • Data Privacy Management for Office Telemetry 

The reports are generated instantly. Our intelligent reports will provide you the detailed analysis of skills related strengths & weaknesses of the candidates that will help you in making better hiring decisions.

The feature like interview feedback module helps employers in sharing the notes (feedback about the candidate’s performance) amongst themselves.

This pre-employment test is useful for hiring:
  • Office 365 Administrator
  • Microsoft System Administrator
  • SharePoint Consultants
  • Office 365 Support Engineer

Test details:

Interview Mocha's valid & reliable online Office 365 administrator test enables employers & recruiters to identify potential hires in less time & efforts!

The assessment test for Office 365 administration contains MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, True or False.

Test Duration: 20 minutes

10 Application Questions

The online skill test for Office 365 admin contains the combination of application and theory questions that helps you to evaluate practical skills of candidates.

Office 365 Admin Test

Question #1 of 3

Suppose you are an administrator of your organization’s Office 365 tenant. Your SharePoint administrators have requested copies of SharePoint Designer. 
Which of the following should you do?

    • Tell them to download it from the Microsoft Download Center

    • Add it to their subscription and reconfigure the configuration.xml file

    • Deploy Office 2016 Professional Plus

    • Tell them it was installed with their standard subscription of Office 365 ProPlus

Question #2 of 3

Your company is planning to migrate to Office 365. They have narrowed down the Office 365 plan to the business plans to take advantage of the support for unlimited users. The company has identified the following requirements:
I. Being able to install Office 2016 applications on Mac computers
II. Being able to install Office on smartphones and tablets
III. Business-class email

You need to identify the plan to meet the requirements while minimizing the total cost. Which of the following plan should you use?

    • Office 365 Enterprise E5

    • Office 365 Enterprise E3

    • Office 365 Enterprise E1

    • Office 365 ProPlus

Question #3 of 3

Suppose you are the administrator of your organization's Office 365 tenant. Several of your SharePoint administrators are being provided with new Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions. They are currently running Office 2013, including SharePoint Designer 2013. Which of the following must be done to ensure that the SharePoint administrators can use SharePoint Designer?

    • Uninstall SharePoint Designer 2013, install ProPlus 2016, then install SharePoint Designer 2016

    • Uninstall SharePoint Designer 2013, install ProPlus 2016, then install SharePoint Designer 2013

    • Install ProPlus 2016; it will include SharePoint Designer 2016

    • There is nothing needed to done

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24.00 Out of 40.00
23 Minutes

Java EE




Oracle PL/SQL


Analytical Thinking


Note:If score<= 30% then its a Weakness. If score >=70% then its a Strength.


Java EE, Oracle PL/SQL, Analytical Thinking




It was a good test for me, the questions were on the latest technology of java on which I am currently working. It was a great experience. Thank you!

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