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Online Gulp Test

Topics Covered

  • Sourcing Files
  • Compatibility
  • Pipelining
  • Sourcing Files
  • Watcher
  • Tasks
  • Callbacks

Useful for hiring

  • Frontend Application Engineer
  • Node JS Engineer

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You use the following expression in your Gulp script:
gulp.src(['author/*.js', '!author/s*.js', 'author/sad.js'])

Which of the following files will not match the following processed by the above expression?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • android.js

    • sad.js

    • simple.js

    • s.js


You are going to install the Gulp CLI on your machine, but you had installed an older version of Gulp on the same machine. How can you make sure that there is no collision between the older version of Gulp and the Gulp CLI?

    • By updating the Gulp to the latest version using the following command.
      gulp update

    • By running the following command.
      npm rm --global gulp

    • By running the following command.
      npm check --global gulp

    • None of the mentioned


To process few files in Gulp, you used the following expression the identify the files:
gulp.src(['manager/*.js', '!manager/gu*.js', 'manager/g*.js'])

Select the correct option regarding the execution of this expression.

    • All the files present in the "manager" folder will be included.

    • All the files present in the "manager" folder will be included except those starting with "gu".

    • The statement first includes all the files, then removes the files(names) starting with "gu" and then adds the files(names) starting with "g".

    • None of the mentioned

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