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Dell Boomi Online Test

Topics Covered

  • SFTP
  • Functions
  • Deployment
  • Cross-reference table
  • Document ID
  • Split
  • API Management
  • Dynamic process property

Useful for hiring

  • Sr. Dell Boomi Developer
  • Dell Boomi Consultant
  • Boomi Integration Developer

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Among the below options, which one is NOT correct in the case of SFTP connection?

    • Host, Username, Password, Port can be set Environment specifically.

    • Host, Username, Password, Port, File Filter, Remote directory, Archive directory can be set Environment specifically.

    • Host, Username, Password, Port, File Filter, Remote directory, Archive directory cannot be set Environment specifically.

    • All of the mentioned


A process requires to have a single dynamic value to be persisted all along the process and its subprocesses. All the sub-processes are lined up in a single branch. Which of the following should be used?

    • Dynamic process properties

    • Dynamic Document Property

    • Cross reference lookup

    • Map function


Consider the Map function:

The input to that function is:
1202, MC Donalds, 09/10/2018, HashBrown

What will be the output?

    • SALES1202/MCDonaldsHashBrown

    • SALES1202-MC Donalds

    • 1202/MCDonaldsHashBrown

    • SALES1202-MCDonaldsHashBrown

Test details:

Dell Boomi skills test will evaluate the candidate's practical knowledge and will identify whether the candidate is ready to be employed.
Dell Boomi pre-employment test may contain MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, True or False.

Test Duration: 20 minutes

10 Application Questions

Test description:

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform for connecting cloud and on-premises applications and data. The platform enables customers to design cloud-based integration processes called atoms and transfer data between cloud and on-premises applications. Dell Boomi offers several new features, including a crowd-sourcing testing option called Boomi Assure and a bulk-copy feature that allows organizations to load large volumes of information into a database and increase the number of integration projects that can be centrally managed.

Dell Boomi online test helps hiring managers & recruiters to find the best suitable candidate by assessing his/her skills to work on Dell Boomi platform. Online Dell Boomi test questions are designed & validated by industry experts to assess & hire Dell Boomi developer as per the industry standards.
Dell Boomi assessment test helps to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows:

1.  Strong knowledge in the development of integration processes using Dell Boomi
2.  Experience of supporting high-volume transactions platform
3.  Ability to work on Boomi process building and deployment
4.  Knowledge and experience in developing software using agile methodologies
5.  Proficient in authoring, editing and presenting technical documents
Interview Mocha's powerful reporting & intelligent analytics will help you overview the candidate's performance in each section within a glance. Candidate feedback module will help you to ensure candidates are having excellent experience with Interview Mocha.

Online Dell Boomi test contains latest & quality set of scenario-based questions to assess the operating experience of the candidate. Moreover, you can add your own questions as per the job requirement.

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