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Online Data Science & Analytics Test

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data visualization
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Modern data science with r
  • Data science aptitude
  • Analytics with R & other Tools
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Manipulation using R
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Regression Analysis

Useful for hiring

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Science Engineer
  • Data Science Developer
  • Data Science Associate
  • Data Visualization Designer
  • Data Visualization Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer

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Suppose I want to extract the first column of each matrix in the list. How I can do that?

    • zapply(x, function(elt) { elt[,1] })

    • lapply(x, function(elt) { elt[,1] })

    • extract(x, function(elt) { elt[,1] })


I need to save the plot to PDF file, what should I do?

    • Construct the plot on the screen device and then copy it to a PDF file with dev.copy2pdf()

    • Open the screen device with quartz(), construct the plot, and then close the device with

    • Open the PostScript device with postscript(), construct the plot, then close the device with dev.copy2pdf()

    • None of the mentioned


What does the summaryRprof() function do?

    • tabulates the R profiler output and calculates how much time is spent in the first function

    • tabulates the R profiler output and calculates how much time is spend in which function

    • tabulates the R profiler output and calculates how much time is spend in all functions

Test details:

Data scientist test will evaluate a candidate’s practical knowledge and will identify whether the candidate is ready to be employed.  You can always optimize between advance and basic data science test according to the candidate’s experience.

Data science aptitude test can be taken by the candidate from anywhere in the comfort of their time zone.

Data science assessment test may contain MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, True or False.

Duration: 20 minutes 
20 Application Questions

Test description:

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms which includes data analysis fields such as statistics, machine learning, and predictive analysis. It is designed to check the analytics and data science methods. Data science includes methods and theories from different verticals like mathematics, information science, computer science & statistics.

Online data science test helps recruiters and hiring managers to assess analytical and data interpretation skills of the candidate.
Data scientist test helps you to screen the candidates who possess the below traits which are same as any data scientist job description -

- Excellent skills while handling R data manipulation
- Analytics with R tools, python & machine learning techniques
- Understanding of linear and non-linear regression models
- Strong knowledge of different statistical concepts
- Doing the ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner
- Ability to perform exploratory data analysis & regression analysis 
- Data mining skills using state-of-the-art methods
- Experience with data visualization tools

Interview Mocha’s powerful reporting & intelligent analytics will help you overview the candidate’s performance in each section of data science tests within a glance. Candidate feedback module will ensure candidates are having excellent experience with Interview Mocha.

Data science aptitude test contains latest & quality set of questions crafted by industry experts to cope with recent developments in technology.

You can also create a customized test according to your job role. For example, if you need to assess only the data visualization skill of candidates then just send us an email and our support team will deliver the customized data visualization test within 3 days.

 Mocha's Innovative LogicBox solution-

Our LogicBox has been launched which helps to assess candidates in a creative and logical way. It’s an innovative solution by Mocha and is being used widely by all our clients. The impact of LogicBox is such that clients use it even more than MCQ’s and coding simulator.
Logic Box success is because of 2 main reasons –

  1. Ability to assess & understand candidates in a better & creative way
  2. Candidates are able to express their views & answer the questions in a better way
LogicBox is an artificial intelligence based pseudo coding platform designed to assess programmers’ logical and problem-solving skills. Give us a week and we will create brand-new & unique data science questions according to your job description.

Data Science Test has 8 questions types to choose from-
  • LogicBox
  • Whiteboard Questions
  • Coding Simulators
  • Audio / Video Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Descriptive Questions
  • MAQ
  • Case Study
  • Add own questions

Good News! You can customize this test as per your requirement

  • Choose and add questions from Interview Mocha question libraries

  • Add your own set of questions

  • Customize test settings like duration, number of questions, passing score, web proctoring and much more

  • Mail us at to create a custom test

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