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Atlassian Tools Online Test

Topics Covered

  • Crucible/FishEye
  •  Bitbucket/Stash
  •  Crowd
  •  Confluence
  •  JIRA

Useful for hiring

  • System Administrator
  • System Engineer

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Megan Akhras, J'Excelle,Canada,
Co-founder & director

You are trying to perform a pull request on BitBucket for 3000 files. However, you receive the message shown below.
This pull request is too large to render

Which of these properties would you need to add to the file to fix this issue?

    • page.max.limit= false

    • page.max.changes=3000

    • page.change.limit = false:[3000]

    • This cannot be done


There is a security setting in JIRA tool which helps you achieve certain functionalities. Which of the following are not true with respect to the security setting?

1. It can be used as a access specifier for issues.
2. Access specifier once specified, cannot be updated further.
3. Access specifier can be given only during the creation of an issue.
4. User can see the issue even if he is not a part of its security level but can't modify it.

    • Only 1

    • Only 2 and 3

    • Only 3

    • Only 2,3 and 4

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