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Android Subjective Skills Assessment Test

Topics Covered

  • SharedPreferences
  • JSON Parsing
  • ProgressDialog class
  • SQLite DataBase
  • Popup Menu Dialog
  • Timer
  • Set Wallpaper in Android
  • Building media Browser
  • Connecting Bluetooth Headset
  • Proximity Sensor

Useful for hiring

  • Android App Developer
  • Android Programmer

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Given a block of code written in Java for Android to save the data using SharedPreferences.

At Blank 1: You will need to initialize a SharedPreferences object.

At Blank 2: After initializing the SharedPreferences, you will need to initialize Editor Object.

At Blank 3: Here we are using a simple data save, you will need to set data in editor object.

At Blank 4: You will need to commit the editor. 
public class MainActivity extends Activity {
    SharedPreferences sharedpreferences;
    TextView name;
    TextView age;
    public static final String mypreference = "mypreffirst";
    public static final String Name = "nameKey";
    public static final String Age = "ageKey";

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        name = (TextView) findViewById(;
        age = (TextView) findViewById(;
        sharedpreferences =;
        if (sharedpreferences.contains(Name)) {
            name.setText(sharedpreferences.getString(Name, ""));
        if (sharedpreferences.contains(Age)) {
            age.setText(sharedpreferences.getString(Age, ""));

    public void Save(View view) {
        String n = name.getText().toString();
        String e = age.getText().toString();
        SharedPreferences.Editor editor =;

Test details:

This Android screening test enables employers and recruiters to identify & hire Android App Developer by evaluating working skills and job readiness. For this reason, we have moved on from the MCQ and developed a new simulator known as Descriptive Simulator which evaluates candidates Descriptive/Subjective Answers and grades them automatically.

Test Duration- 20 minutes

3 Application Questions

Test description:

To solve this major problem of guesswork in tests, Interview Mocha has launched its unique innovative tool - “The Descriptive Test Simulator” that can evaluate essay type answers. By the use of online Descriptive test simulator, candidates will be able to write one-word answers, short essay type, and long essay type answers. These answers are evaluated through our descriptive assessment engine. This reduces guesstimates in online assessments and gives results sharper than ever. 

Android Subjective Test is specially designed and developed to assist Recruiters & Hiring Managers in evaluating the descriptive knowledge of an android app developer related to Android by testing through our proper descriptive simulator assessment. Android skills test is reviewed, qualified and validated by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

This Android interview test contains questions on following Topics:

  • SharedPreferences

  • JSON Parsing

  • ProgressDialog class

  • SQLite DataBase

  • Popup Menu Dialog

  • Timer

  • Set Wallpaper in Android

  • Building media Browser

  • Connecting Bluetooth Headset

  • Proximity Sensor

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