Candidate centric approach

“Breathe, just breathe”

peaceful day in the life of recruiters

The stress levels of the recruiters are through the roof.

And why wouldn’t they be? It isn’t an easy job, after all.

Recruitment isn't like selling a joint of lamb or two pounds of apples - you have to manage people, who are inherently unpredictable. It can be very hard to meet someone's expectations of the perfect job.

- Phillip Hodson

Contrary to popular belief, a recruiter is no longer a hunter who is out to hunt a deer.

The recruiter’s job is to convince the deer.

A Recruiting Manager who works in the US, once told me, “The job of an IT recruiter can become really stressful, yes. On some days, your Skype, your phones are ringing at the same time… and your inbox is flooded with emails.

Maybe, the working harder is not the solution. Maybe more stress won't help...

Maybe the need of the hour is to just breathe?

Meet Robert.
Robert Recruitment Manager

Robert is a good guy. And yet, really ambitious. He is a Recruitment Manager and has a team of 4 recruiters reporting to him.

His love for people, community, and interaction pushed him into the Recruitment field. Robert is a “connector”. Nothing gives him more joy when he meets people and connects with them.

Robert loves to get his hands dirty and himself contributes towards filling up a few positions in the organization.

But, Robert’s job is stressful. He has the Hiring Manager breathing down his neck. The VP of Talent Acquisition is expecting results from him. The recruiters that he manages are not finding the right candidates, which is putting some serious pressure on him.

What does Robert do to get out of this rut?

Challenges of a Recruitment Manager

Robert gets into action. He focuses on doing more.

More, however, is not the answer. Because “more” makes Robert lose touch with his caring side.

You can work as hard as you want, but no amount of icing on the cake can make it tasty, if the core of the cake is tasteless.

The problem it seems, is beyond these tactics.

It is beyond these numbers of hours, beyond hard-work, beyond commitment and dedication.

Robert might think that he is inadequate. But that is not true.

Robert has a “organization centric” mindset.

And if the IT services companies ever wish to effectively get over the Talent Scarcity problem, that is what needs to change.

The organization centric approach to recruitment

For Robert, the whole process of recruitment revolves around the organization.

The organization centric approach to recruitment

This organization centric mindset forces Robert to look at the quick fixes. It forces him to play a short-term game.

In other words, the pressure makes Robert look at recruitment as a band-aid… as a painkiller.

He is looking at it only through the lens of urgency.

Quick fixes, or urgency driven solutions always provide a quick relief. But the relief lasts only for so long.

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