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The #1 Pre employment Testing Software with 1000+ Job Tests

How Interview Mocha's pre employment assessment software benefits you?

Pre employment tests are usually taken before the telephone interview or the face to face interview to gauge job applicant's knowledge & skills that are required for that particular position. Interview Mocha's online pre-employment skills testing software provides a robust & secure platform to quantify your job candidate's skills quickly & objectively. We offer more than 1,000 scientifically designed job aptitude & skill tests that are verified by our team of subject matter experts (SMEs). After the tests are taken, intelligent analytics/reports are generated that ensure that the hiring manager gets the 360-degree view of the candidate's applied knowledge. Our advanced remote proctoring ensures that you can conduct your recruitment assessment anytime, anywhere without any hassle.

Interview Mocha’s online testing software offers everything you need to recruit better and faster.
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