Saviant increases hire ratio by 70%

Savient increases hire ratio by 70%

About Saviant

Saviant Consulting is one of fastest growing Cloud Consulting Corporation. An SMB providing Azure consulting and development services mainly to US market, Saviant transforms legacy systems into modern Enterprise applications by using Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, and IoT (Internet of Things) as core technology platforms.

“Interview Mocha is a part of our Recruitment team. With Interview Mocha, our conversion ratio in face-to-face interviews has increased by 70 percent”
Sheetal Pote,
Saviant Consulting
Sheetal Pote, Saviant Consulting


Saviant Consulting’s recruiting team consists of three human resource professionals who managed targeted recruiting campaigns of above 100 candidates to identify talent with solid basics of Azure, Dot Net, etc. Saviant was constantly looking at ways to increase recruitment efficiency and focused on skill testing. While each candidate was evaluated on the basis of a resume, it was not always possible to assess coding competencies.

“For Windows Azure consulting a talent becomes difficult to hire. We were spending a lot of time on interviews that weren’t always leading to hires,” says Sheetal.


  • With Interview Mocha's pre-employment testing software, Saviant is now screening almost the double number of candidates. The conversion ratio in the face to face interviews has increased by 70%. The calculation is simple, if previously Saviant was screening 2 candidates out of 10, now they are able to screen 4 to 5 candidates. Saviant is now able to get into far more depth on the developers thought process while conducting interviews.

  • In addition to finding top talent, Saviant was able to reduce billable hours with Interview Mocha’s pre-employment recruitment tests. Saviant now screens double the number of candidates resulting in 80% time saving.