“Interview Mocha has made our skill assessment process productive and efficient. With a reliable assessment platform, choice of quality skill tests, and a customer oriented support team, we know we are in good hands. At Hexaware, quality precedes quantity and the skill tests helps our team in hiring job-fit candidates”

Sridharan S,

Information Technology and Services

USA, UK, India, and Mexico

200+ recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers using actively

30,000+ tests taken in one year

Using for entry level recruitment, lateral recruitment, and employee skill testing

The Company

Hexaware is the fastest growing automation-led, next gen providers of IT, BPO, and consulting services. Hexaware has been the pioneer in revolutionizing the traditional IT approach by addressing discontinuities in market. Hexaware’s multi-pronged strategy consisting of robotic process automation, hyper-converged technology, design thinking, rapid prototyping, and customized service offerings has enabled global companies to address various business issues with pointed and effective business strategies.


Hexaware is one of the largest IT service providers with offices worldwide. As one of the top notch IT companies in the world, Hexaware is always looking for quality talent to join their team. Job requirements are spanned across numerous departments and various job roles. Although Hexaware has a proper recruitment process in place, their expectations from a pre-employment skill testing software were varied. Since the tests were to be conducted for various positions across the globe, Hexaware needed a platform that could:

  • Provide a diverse and rich test library
  • Provide remote assessments that could be auto monitored
  • Provide the option of uploading their own questions
  • Provide guidance in creating custom tests as per the job description
  • Provide a detailed analysis of candidate’s test performance
  • Provide lightning fast support in different time zones


After evaluating multiple skill assessment software, Hexaware decided to go ahead with Interview Mocha for their pre-employment skill testing needs. Hexaware was impressed with:

  • Largest, Latest, and Quality 1000 + skill tests library
  • Remote assessment of candidates with the help of image proctoring and window violation
  • Unique tests with a combination of Hexaware questions and Interview Mocha questions
  • Quick turnaround time for creating custom tests with the help of Interview Mocha global SME’s (subject matter experts)
  • Integration with Hirecraft ATS (Applicant tracking system)
  • 24x7 customer support on chat and email

Results with Interview Mocha

  • For varied job roles and profiles

  • Using Interview Mocha daily

  • With help of Global Subject Matter Experts

Take your first step to hire job fit candidate