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Reduce time, efforts & hassle in your Pre-Employment Testing

Interview Mocha pre-employment testing software offers everything you need to recruit better and faster

Ready tests

Quantify hundreds of professional skills with our latest test inventory

Custom Tests

Ask for a test tailored to meet your needs or create your own test

Cheating prevention

Prevent cheating with advanced webcam proctoring and browsing behaviour detection.

Auto Follow up

Boost productivity and empower your recruitment process with our automation features

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Make right hiring decision in seconds with our intuitive & elegant reports.


Fully Integrate with your system, database, application, website with our APIs

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Secure and Reliable Online Assessment Software Trusted by Companies of all Sizes Worldwide

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Learn how companies are hiring better
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What’s in for you?

  • 200+ Professional skill assessment tests including aptitude, business skills, digital marketing, databases, design tools, software development, project management, sales/ marketing and more.
  • Custom tests on demand, our friendly support team is always happy to quickly create custom tests as per your specific requirements of recruitment testing or employee assessment.
  • Coding tests for all leading technologies, enable you to assess candidate’s knowledge of applied skills.
  • Aptitude Tests that includes general aptitude, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, data sufficiency and verbal aptitude.
  • Automation features that can empower your hiring process such as, auto follow up of candidates, career page integration, intuitive reports, share reports with team.
  • API Integration with your existing systems, applicant database, website, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Secure and reliable online assessment software for pre-employment testing, employee skills assessment or training purposes.
  • Easy, Fast and Accurate assessment of candidates on all latest trending technologies.
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