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Ready-to-use Job Role Assessments

Over 200 IT job role assessments including java developer, mobile developer, technical architect, QA tester, web designer, project manager etc.

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Ready-to-use Skill

Thousands of skill assessments including Java Programming, Hibernate, Spring, MVC, Struts, Objective C, Selenium, Photshop,Design Patterns etc

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Question Banks

Over 40,000 quality questions from variety of skills including aptitude, communication, reasoning, technical and practical on job knowledge. Customize your assessments using your questions or our question banks.

Online Support
for Creation of Tests

Our online support team helps you create a test for specific job description. Our customer friendly support team tirelessly works to serve you better.

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of Assessment

our assessment team continuously conducts research on the science of assessment on numerous job profiles to ensure the best possible test. This ensures, you get the best fit for any job description for e.g. to screen C# developer, our experts will suggest the right mix of skills including C# coding, WCF, SQL, MVC, ASP.NET, Verbal Ability etc.

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helps you measure the skills accurately. It spans from Multiple Choice Question, Subjective, Automated Video Interview, Code Evaluator, Fill in the blanks, Psychometric Assessments, MultiCompetency Assessment etc

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Video Interview

Capture candidate responses remotely. No human efforts required to conduct the interview. Stop, Pause, Forward, and Rewind – at your own time, anytime. Share ratings easily with managers, team, client and stop making email threads.

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unfortunately resumes do not validate if a person can code, use code evaluator to check the coding skills of a candidate. Available for most of the widely used programming languages including C, C++, Java, C#, PHP etc.

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competency assessments

Only Interview Mocha conducts technical, aptitude, communication and behavioral skills in a single test. You can combine our MCQ, Fill in the Blanks, code evaluator and video interview in a single test.

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Interview Mocha cheating prevention eliminates the need of manual invigilation during the assessment. Our online proctoring technique helps you quickly identify any unfair means used during the assessment.

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Your time is precious, we know that. We try and make every feature of Interview Mocha actionable to save your time and create value for you. Our actionable report includes Quick report on better, good, average and poor candidates, Deep insights into individual skill assessment, Search – quickly reach to the right candidate, Online proctoring report, Export the reports to your favorite excel, pdf etc.

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page integration

Integrate Interview Mocha assessments with career page on your website and job portals. Works 24X7 as your extended HR member. Screen candidates even when you are in sleep.

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Integrate Interview Mocha Assessments with your online applications (LMS, HRMS, Website). Our API is available for everyone who is looking to integrate an online assessment platform with their own application, product or software.

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DISC, 16 PF test gives quick, clear and concise reports with actionable insights for a potential hire or an existing employee across all experience levels.

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SAAS Platform

Interview Mocha superior technology, capability to handle thousands of concurrent tests, ways to handle infrastructure issues, no installation, and no maintenance SAAS platform is used by hundreds of our clients. Our prompt support ensures you will be never in trouble.

Reduce Cost and Time in Campus Recruitment, Walk-Ins and Lateral Hiring,
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Benefits to HR Recruiter

  • Reduction of Cost and Time in Campus Recruitment, Walk-Ins and Lateral Hiring
    • Campus Recruitment – Reduce cost of travelling, stay, creating tests, paper checking and human invigilation and test center operations. Reduce involvement of technical team for creating tests. Conduct thousands of concurrent tests without any hassles.
    • Off Campus / Walk-Ins – Reduce cost of creating tests, paper checking and billable hours. Need of first round interviews done by technical team is eliminated.
    • Lateral Hiring – Reduce scheduling efforts, save precious billable hours of your technical team and managers.
  • Availability of Ready Talent Pool: Integration with career page on your website, integration with job portals. Works 24X7 as your extended HR team.

Benefits of Hiring Manager

  • Save Cost and Time Save precious billable hours of your technical team and managers in creating tests and conducting interview for first level of screening.
  • Project Delivery on Schedule Reduce chances of project slippages as team need not spent excessive time in recruitment process.
  • Better Quality of Candidates: our proven tests and quality question banks ensure better quality of candidates. Our test increase quality of hires as Interview Mocha helps you screen more candidates in less time. Choose from a wider net to get the better one.

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