How Interview Mocha helps Staffing Solutions Companies


Futuristic Talents*, a premier Staffing solutions company handles hiring requirements of top IT Services firms in USA. During a yearly meeting, Susie, the recruitment manager, and her team discovered that though they were able to fulfil hiring requirements for their clients, they did lose on some leads because of a higher turnaround time and irrelevant candidate profiles. Futuristic Talents then brainstormed on what could be the best way to address their problem and zeroed in on Interview Mocha.

Turnaround time cut into half

Earlier the average turnaround time was 4 hours which involved filtering resumes, waiting till a technical resource could take phone interview, and then forward the resume to clients. With Mocha, the team could simply select the assessment, send the relevant link, view the reports, and if the candidate had fared well, sent the profile as well as the report to the client, all this is less than 3 hours.

Comprehensive skills assessment library

The team scouted the best candidates for various job roles. It varied from tech skills, coding skills, management skills, to digital transformation. Mocha provided a wide array of skills assessment library, where the recruiting team could select the apt test and invite candidates to appear for it.

Anti-cheating mechanism

Age old assessment methods meant logistical issues of conducting the test, evaluating the candidate’s answer, and then deciding on their skill level. With Mocha, Futuristic Talents need not worry about cheating as web image proctoring and window violation made sure that the assessment is attempted by fair means. Candidate’s could also give the test from any location.

Data-points to back up shortlisted profiles

The recruiting team no longer only relied on resumes or gut feelings. They presented the shortlisted profiles along with the assessment reports. This not only created a good impact on their clients but also helped to make informed hiring decisions. The feedback from their clients was that the candidates who performed well on the assessments fared well on the interviews as well.

*Futuristic Talents is a fictional brand

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