How Interview Mocha helps in Lateral Hiring


Smarttech*, a leading solutions providing company bagged a project to provide navigation software for automobiles. A quick workforce competency audit revealed the need to hire experienced software developers to complete the project within the stipulated deadline. William, technical team manager and the HR team decided to chuck out the traditional methods of recruitment and use Interview Mocha, a skills assessment solution.

Matching resumes to the skills

The team’s main concern was to evaluate the skills mentioned on the resume by the candidates and not rely on gut feelings. Smarttech set out creating the apt assessments that could test the candidate’s skills. If a candidate mentioned Java as their forte, it could be immediately assessed via appropriate assessments.

Customized assessments

The recruiting team customized assessments using Mocha questions and Smarttech’s own questions to form the perfect blend which assisted them in their recruitment.

Data-driven assessment reports

When hiring for experienced candidates, the team wanted to make sure that there are no bad hires as it would have been a huge setback for such a large project. Detailed assessment reports gave a precise picture of the candidate’s ability, knowledge, and analytical thinking & only the relevant candidates were called for interviews.

A solution which acts like a human

Mocha’s human touch eliminated the need of human invigilation and biases. Since the positions were for experienced roles, and many of the candidates were working professionals, it was easier to send them the assessment link. Anti-cheating mechanism meant that the assessment was attempted fair and square.

Candidate Experience

Experienced candidates attach great value to a company that believes in providing the best experience to its potential employees. With Mocha’s seamless assessment platform, quick assessments, and candidate centric approach, Smarttech ranked highly among the candidates in terms of test experience provided.

*Smarttech is a fictional brand

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