How Interview Mocha helps in Entry Level Hiring


LexCorp*, a leading IT services company was shifting its base towards a more dynamic and agile approach. Rachel, the project manager and her recruiting team at LexCorp identified the need to hire around 200 employees for entry level positions. Entry level recruitment drives however are daunting, require exhaustive planning, and efforts. The recruiting team was looking for a simpler way that would help them find the best talents and hence invested in Interview Mocha.

Logistical hassles and their solution

Conducting campus hiring or a huge recruitment drive would not have been feasible given the human efforts and planning involved. Instead LexCorp created Mocha assessments, invited candidates to appear for it via test links, viewed the reports, and made data driven decisions.

Reliance on data

Mocha’s comparative analytical reports helped in assessing talents based on their aptitude, attitude, and intelligence. The amount of applicants for entry level hiring was humongous and without an assessment platform, it would have taken them forever to interview each one of them.

Cheating Prevention

One of the biggest headaches of campus recruitment teams is the fear of cheating by candidates. With Mocha’s web-image proctoring, window violation, and question randomization features, the team could successfully conduct campus recruitment drives across various educational institutions.

Tailor made assessments

LexCorp created assessments that were a blend of the organization’s questions and Mocha questions. What’s more they could create just one assessment with tech skills, aptitude, communication skills all rolled in one.

A solution which acts like a human

Mocha’s human touch eliminated the need of human invigilation and biases. Assessments could be conducted anytime, anywhere with remote proctoring. Anti-cheating mechanism meant that the assessment was attempted fair and square.

Mocha is completely compliant with EEOC guidelines. This means that Mocha's customers need not worry about the assessment questions being discriminative, racist, or sexiest in nature.
*LexCorp is a fictional brand

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