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Yii Online Skills Assessment Test

Topics Covered

  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Models
  • Controllers
  • Caching
  • Assets
  • Controllers
  • Installation

Useful for hiring

  • Yii Developer
  • PHP Web Developer
  • Full-Stack Web Developer

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Suppose you are using the CMemCache class for creating a cache of your YII application's data. How can you make your class use the memcache extension for the caching service?

    • Set the $useMemcache property to True.

    • Set the $extension property to "memcache".

    • Set the $extension property to "memcached".

    • Set the $useMemcached property to be false.


You stored the value of a variable $myVar in a cache for 45 seconds by implementing a caching technique using CCache class of the Yii framework. If this cache must be invalidated as soon as the "memData.php" file changes then, select the option that shows the correct implementation of the same.

    • Yii::app() -> cache -> set('var1', $myVar, 45, new CFileCacheDependency('memData.php'));

    • Yii::app() -> cache -> set('var1', $myVar, 45);
      Yii::app() -> cache -> setFileDependency('memData.php);

    • Yii::app() -> cache -> set('var1', $myVar, 45, setFileDependency('memData.php'));

    • Yii::app() -> cache -> set('var1' = $myVar, new);
      Yii::app() -> cache -> CFileCacheDependency('memData.php', validity = 45);


You have created a cache for your Yii application using the CCache class and stored a variable into it. You also set a dependency for the cache on a particular file. What will happen if you try to access (via get()) the cached variable after the dependency file gets modified?

    • The older value of the cache will be returned with a warning to reload the data.

    • The dependency and cache get automatically refreshed, and the new value of the variable is returned.

    • False boolean value is returned as the dependency data needs to be refreshed manually.

    • The actual value from the database will be retrieved as the cache becomes invalid.

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