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Transact SQL (T SQL) Online Assessment Test

Topics Covered

  • Nested Cursors
  •  Top Filters
  • JOIN
  • Pivot Table
  • Loops
  • Common Table Expressions

Useful for hiring

  • T-SQL Developer
  • Sr. T-SQL Developer
  • SQL Developer- T SQL
  • SQL Server Database Developer

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What is true regarding scalar subquery?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • You can not substitute the technique that uses a variable with an embedded subquery.

    • If a scalar subquery returns no value, it returns " ".

    • Returns a single value—regardless of whether it is self-contained.

    • Can appear anywhere in the outer query where a single-valued expression can appear.

    • If a scalar subquery can return more than one value, it might fail at run time.


Which of the following SQL statements is correct?

    • SELECT customername, Count(customername) 
      FROM orders;

    • SELECT customername, Count(customername) 
      FROM orders 
      GROUP BY customername;

    • SELECT customername, Count(customername) 
      FROM orders 
      ORDER BY customername;


What will be the result of running this script, without any additional operations? 


USE loxf;goBEGIN 
FROM   a local instance.DELETE datatbasename.dbo.tbluserprofile 
WHERE  userindex = 13;DELETE candidate 
FROM   remote instance.DELETE remoteserver.datatbasename.dbo.tbluserprofile

    • Candidates will be deleted from remote instance first.

    • Candidates will be deleted from local instance then same from a remote distance.

    • Error: Could not find server 'RemoteServer'.

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