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Online SQL Developer Subjective Test

Topics Covered

  • Concatenation Operator with joining
  • Arithmetic Operation
  • Joining with sorting
  • Aggregate Function
  • Joining with Sorting
  • Joining With Aggregate Function
  • Removing Duplicate Rows
  • Joining with conditional Statement
  • Joining with Concatenated Non-NULL Values From a Group
  • Comparison Conditions With Joining
  • Case Statement with Aggregate function
  • Nested Select Statements With Joining
  • Multiple Tables & Joining

Useful for hiring

  • SQL Server Developer
  • MS SQL Server developer
  • Database Application Developer

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Write a query to find the email address and skill names of the each job seekers whose skills matches with the required skills for jobs posted one hour ago.
Few lines in the query are missing (//Write your query here).You need to complete the query to get the output.

Table: JobSeeker

JobSeekerID Name Email
1 Max
2 Peter
Table: Skills
SkillID SkillName
1 C#
3 Java
Table: JobSeekerSkills
ID JobSeekerID SkillID
1 1 2
2 2 1
3 2 3
 Table: JobAdvertisement
ID JobDescription RequiredSkillID PostingDate
1 Software development by C# 1 2017-02-20 03:15:34
2 Software development by PHP 2 2017-02-20 04:31:48
3 Software development by Java 3 2017-02-20 03:31:54

Complete the query given below: 

 "SELECT JobSeeker.Email,   AS 'Skill Name',

FROM  JobSeeker
INNER JOIN JobSeekerSkills ON JobSeekerSkills.JobSeekerID = JobSeeker.JobSeekerID

INNER JOIN JobAdvertisement ON JobAdvertisement.RequiredSkillID = JobSeekerSkills.SkillID
GROUP BY JobSeeker.Email "


Write a query to find names the menus which are accessible to John.
Few things in the query are missing (//Write your query here); you need to complete the query to get the output.

Table: User

UserID UserName
1 Cristiano
2 John
Table: Role
RoleID RoleName
1 Admin
2 Client
Table: UserRole
ID UserID RoleID
1 1 1
2 2 2
3 1 2
Table: Menu
MenuID MenuName
1 Dashboard
2 Product
3 Reports 

Table: MenuPermission
ID MenuID RoleID Status
1 1 1 1
2 1 2 0
3 2 1 1
4 2 2 1
5 3 1 1
Complete the query given below:

LEFT JOIN  UserRole ON user_role.UserID = User.UserID

LEFT JOIN MenuPermission ON MenuPermission.RoleID = Role.RoleID


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