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Online Splunk Test

Topics Covered

  • Data Format
  • Events Searching
  • Running Splunk
  • Indexing
  • Data Sources
  • Linux usage
  • Data upload

Useful for hiring

  • Splunk Administrator
  • Splunk Consultant

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Select the correct option regarding the statements given below.

A) Splunk can index and search binary data as well as images.
B) Splunk converts all data to textual format before indexing it.

    • Statement A is true, Statement B is true, Statement B is the correct explanation for Statement A

    • Statement A is true, Statement B is true, Statement B is not the correct explanation for Statement A

    • Statement A is false, Statement B is true

    • Statement A is true, Statement B is false

    • Statement A is false, Statement B is false


If you are writing a search string in Splunk then, which of the following characters must be used to separate individual commands in the string?

    • Pipe(|)

    • Asterisk(*)

    • Hash(#)

    • Tilde(~)


You are using data present in some system files for Splunk. Before the data can be used, Splunk indexes the data. Which of the following options correctly describes the indexing process?

    • It converts the data into a binary form and divides them into blocks in a stack which are indexed.

    • It divides the data into blocks, converts them into images and then indexes these images.

    • It divides a stream of machine data into events which are then indexed.

    • None of the mentioned

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