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SEO Skills Test

Topics Covered

  • Keyword Density
  • Meta tag
  • Inbound-outbound links
  • Keyword Searching
  • Internal linking
  • Keyword matching categories
  • Page Rank
  • Link Sharing
  • SEO rules
  • Keyword Effective Index (KEI)

Useful for hiring

  • SEO Expert
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Consultant
  • SEO Analyst
  • SEO Executive

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Following are some Google Analytics features. Which amongst them would require dynamic, server side manipulation of Google Analytics tracking code?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • Destination URL goal values

    • Custom variables

    • TrackPageview() customization

    • e-commerce


Which of the following options would be considered best-practice for placement of the Google Analytics tracking code on a medium-to-large-sized website?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • Include the tracking code in one or more page templates that are used to construct pages on the server.

    • Include the tracking code in individual non-HTML files such as PDFs.

    • Store the tracking code for each page individually in the database, and pull the tracking code into the page along with the other page assets.

    • Include the tracking code in a server-side include file that is incorporated into all pages.


How could you create a customized dashboard in Google Analytics that you can monitor on a daily basis?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • Create a dashboard directly in the Google Analytics user interface and share it with your team

    • Use the Google Analytics JavaScript tracking code to send data straight into a spreadsheet

    • It's not possible to create a dashboard using Google Analytics data

    • Use the Google Analytics reporting APIs to automatically send data to a dashboard application you create

Test details:

SEO assessment test is particularly designed to help recruiters and hiring managers evaluate a candidate's ability to function on each strategy touching all components of the SEO roadmap along with keyword control, bidding techniques and analytics.

The SEO aptitude test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, True or False.

Test Duration: 30 Minutes

No. of Questions: 30

Test description:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process in which one has to use some techniques and tactics to optimize the webpage or website in order to gain more traffic or visitors. Being in the first position in SERP, gives a high volume of traffic to the relevant website. SEO expert is the person who strengthens the website position/ranking on search engine.

SEO skills test is designed by our subject matter experts to measure the knowledge of SEO experts & analyst about Search Engine Optimization techniques & tactics before hiring.

The online SEO test contains questions on following topics:
Keyword density
Meta tag
Inbound-outbound links
Keyword searching
Internal linking
Keyword matching categories
Page Rank
Link sharing
SEO rules
Keyword effective index (KEI)
Screen potential hires by using our scientifically designed SEO knowledge test. Use the intelligent reports to analyze the technical strengths of the candidates & make the right hiring decisions.

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