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Senior Network Engineer Test

Topics Covered

  • SSH
  • TCP
  • PING
  • Address Translation
  • Trace Route
  • Firewall
  • Packet Switching
  • Message Switching

Useful for hiring

  • Network Engineer Specialist
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Sr. System Engineer
  • Network Administrator

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Suppose you have a web proxy on a remote computer “remotehost”. You (localhost) want your local browser to use an encrypted connection to that “remotehost” to use the proxy. The proxy is listening on port 5865 on the “remotehost”. You will have ssh use port 5001 on the localhost. Which of the following ssh command is used in order to get this objective?

    • ssh -L 5001:localhost 5865:remotehost

    • ssh -R 5001: remotehost:5865 remotehost

    • ssh -L 5865: localhost:5001 remotehost

    • ssh -L 5001: remotehost:5865 remotehost

    • None of the mentioned


In the TCP header there is a field called window size that the senders use to regulate the amount of data sent by them to the receiver before requiring an acknowledgement in return. Identify the condition that will prevail if this window size becomes too large.

    • Network data transfer will be unnecessarily slow

    • Network link can become saturated

    • Processing of incoming data will be slow

    • window size becomes usable for other applications


In order to check the connectivity, PING is used. What information can be learned from the outputs of PING command?

    • Host reachability

    • Network congestion

    • Travel length

    • All of the mentioned

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