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SCALA Online Test

Topics Covered

  • SCALA Control Structures
  • SCALA Pattern Matching
  • SCALA Collections
  • SCALA Monads
  • SCALA Annotations
  • Akka (Actor Model)

Useful for hiring

  • SCALA Developer (0-3 yrs of experience)
  • Java ( SCALA / Akka ) Developer
  • Scala Designer

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How should we end a stream to calculate sum of elements? 

    • Sink.sum_

    • Sink.fold[Int, Int](0)(_ + _)

    • Sink.sum[Int](_)

    • + _)


What are three main part of akka streams ?

    • Source, Flow, Sink

    • Source, Flow, BidirectionalFlow

    • ReactiveStream, Source, Flow 

    • Stream, Source, Reactive


Why would we need to override receiveRecover method in PersistentActor and receive a special RecoveryCompleted message, like that?
override def receiveRecover: Receive = {
  case RecoveryCompleted => //...

    • For performing additional initialization after receiving any other messages.

    • For saving RecoveryCompleted message.

    • For saving PersistentActor.

    • For adding some initialization when the recovery has completed and before processing any other message sent to the persistent actor.

Test details:

Identify & hire Scala developers using Interview Mocha’s Scala skills test. It not only evaluates the working skills of candidates but also the job readiness.

The test contains MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, True or False.

Test Duration: 20 minutes

No. of Questions: 20

15 Application Oriented Questions

05 Theory Questions

The Scala assessment test consists of the combination of application & theory questions that helps you to gauge technical as well as practical skills of candidates.

Test description:

Scala Online Test is specifically designed & validated by experienced subject matter experts (SME)s to validate the programming skills of Scala developers- as per Industry Standards.

SCALA (designed by Martin Odersky) is a high-level programming language & is compiled to run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). SCALA is named after its feature of Scalability. SCALA effectively enables functional programming within an object-oriented paradigm. It is closely compatible with Java & used for libraries, web applications, data streaming, etc.

Online Scala test helps recruiters & hiring managers to test Scala programming skills of candidates before an interview.

Scala skill test contains meaningful questions on following Topics:

  • SCALA Control Structures

  • SCALA Pattern Matching 

  • SCALA Collections 


  • SCALA Monads

  • SCALA Annotations

  • Akka (Actor Model)

As the detailed test results are generated instantly, employers can analyze the skills related strengths & weaknesses of candidates. Then the decision is taken on data/facts rather than gut feelings, hence the outcome is always better.

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  • Customize test settings like duration, number of questions, passing score, web proctoring and much more

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