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Oracle BAM Online Skills Assessment Test

Topics Covered

    • Real-time data streaming
    • Oracle BAM Adapter
    • Data objects
    • Active Data
    • Message flow
    • BAM securities
    • Migrating BAM
    • External data objects
    • Configuring ICommand
    • Populating Data Objects with Real-time
    • Data
    • Configuring batching properties
    • Using Enterprise Message Sources
    • Testing BAM Applications
    • Logging
    • Creating Geo Map Business View

Useful for hiring

  • Oracle BAM Developer
  • Oracle SOA Developer
  • Oracle BAM Consultant

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While processing data, BAM server uses the push load mechanism to process active data. Arrange the following stages of the message delivery flow in the order of their occurrence given that initial stage is ADC cache.

A) ADC Channel
B) Report Cache Channel
C) Report Server
D) Report Cache

    • A->D->B->C

    • A->B->D->C

    • A->D->C->B

    • A->C->B->D


Suppose two or more authentication providers are required in one security realm in Oracle BAM. Select the incorrect statement about the working of Oracle Security Platform Services in this case.

    • If authentication fails in first provider, the validation moves to the next authenticator in the list.

    • If authentication is a success in first provider, it does'nt goes to second authenticator.

    • For a successful authentication, it has to validation at both the authenticators in the list.

    • If the authenticators fails at both the authenticator it is determined as failed authentication.


WebLogic Server SSL configuration is used for enforcing secure connection between BAM and its clients. Which of the following steps can be skipped to configure SSL for BAM?

    • Prepare a server certificate.

    • Configure SSL for WebLogic Server.

    • Disable hostname verification.

    • Enable SSL for ICommand.

    • Enable SSL for BAM.

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