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Oracle AIA Online Skills Assessment Test

Topics Covered

    • Business components
    • Structure of EBOs
    • Data types
    • EBM
    • Global attributes
    • EBS role in AIA
    • Types of EBS
    • Architecture of process type EBS
    • EBS Message Exchange Patterns
    • EBS
    • Security
    • ABCS versioning
    • BusinessScope
    • One way and two-way operation
    • Integration
    • Enabling error notification
    • Logging
    • Project lifecycle
    • AIA fault policy files

Useful for hiring

  • Sr. Developer- Oracle AIA
  • Oracle Application Integration Architecture Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer

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Each Oracle AIA version number comes with a combination of major and minor version numbers. You need to select the correct reasons from the given list, which might lead to a major release of Oracle AIA EBO and EBS components?

    • Removal of any existing mandatory component that triggers changes in the messaging

    • If there is any change in the meaning or semantics of components

    • Change in the data types of any attribute or element

    • Change or removal of initialization, sequence of approach


Two fault configuration files come along with AIA installation are:
1. Fault policy file.
2. Fault policy binding file.

The fault policy binding file is named as fault-bindings.xml. Which of the following is the correct name of the scheme file corresponding to the fault policy binding file?

    • <Service Name>FaultBinding.xml

    • FaultBindings.xml

    • fault-bindings.xsd

    • FaultPolicy.xsd


While enabling error notification in Oracle AIA, which of the following statements holds true?

    • By default, an error notification is enabled in AIA.

    • The default error notification template is available in the AIAEHNotification.xml file.

    • The property name INVOKE.NOTIFY should be set as TRUE.

    • None of the mentioned

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