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Hadoop Online Test

Topics Covered

  • Data Replication
  • Parquet File
  • Resource Manager
  • Sequence File
  • Task Tracker
  • Mapper / Reducer Task

Useful for hiring

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Big Data Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Application Developer
  • Hadoop specialist
  • Hadoop analyst  

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You plan to use a combiner to reduce the amount of data sent to Reducer. Your output from the Mapper is . Which of the following should you subclass for using the combiner?

    • Combiner<IntWritable,Text,IntWritable,Text>

    • Combiner<Text,Text,IntWritable,IntWritable>

    • Reducer<IntWritable,Text,IntWritable,Text>

    • Mapper<IntWritable,Text,IntWritable,Text>


In order to apply a combiner, which property has to be satisfied by the values emitted from the mapper?

    • Combiner can be applied always to any data

    • Output of the mapper and output of the combiner has to be same key value pair and they can be heterogeneous

    • The output of the mapper and output of the combiner has to be same key value pair

    • Only if the values satisfy associative and commutative property it can be done


In a MapReduce program, the reducer receives all values associated with the same key. Which statement is most accurate about the ordering of these values?

    • The values will be ordered in which they were emitted from the mappers.

    • Values are in sorted order.

    • values are arbitrarily ordered, but multiple runs of the same MapReduce job will have the same ordering.

    • Since the values come from mappers o/p, there will be contiguous sections of sorted values.

    • The values are arbitrarily ordered, and the ordering may vary from run to run of the same MapReduce job.

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