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Online Grunt Test

Topics Covered

  • Task Configuration
  • File Mapping
  • File Compaction
  • Custom Filter Function
  • Creating Tasks
  • Grunt CLI
  • Task Configuration
  • Task Dependency
  • Wrapper

Useful for hiring

  • JavaScript Expert
  • Frontend Application Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer

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Select the correct option regarding the statements given below.

A) Grunt can be run from any subfolder of a project using Grunt CLI.
B) The find() method of Node JS searches for the locally installed grunt instance when it is to be run.

    • Statement A is true, Statement B is true, Statement B is not the correct explanation of Statement A.

    • Statement A is true, Statement B is true, Statement B is not the correct explanation of Statement A.

    • Statement A is true, Statement B is false.

    • Statement A is false, Statement B is false.


You want to use Grunt for automation testing. For this, you installed grunt in your Windows system. To create a project specific package.json file, which of the following options would be the best way to do it?

    • Run - npm init - from the command line.

    • Run - npm install -g grunt-init - from the command line.

    • Run - grunt create package - from the Grunt Command line.

    • Run - grunt new package <project_name> - from the Grunt Command line.


While writing a test script in Grunt, you created a wrapper function. If you want to initialize the configuration object for the test then, which of the options given below can be used?

    • Putting the required code in the grunt.onConstruct().

    • Using the grunt.initconfig() method.

    • Calling the grunt.initialize() method with the required configuration object.

    • None of the mentioned

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