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As the name suggests a bartender makes quality drinks on a consistent basis, but that’s only a small portion of a bartender’s duties.
First of all, the bartender maintains the cleanliness of the establishment. 
After general maintenance comes the most obvious of a bartender’s duties-making drinks and using the bar equipment. This whole process involves changing kegs, keeping the liquor organized, mixing drinks, stocking beer and wine, and the various other small things that go into making a drink. In order to make the drinks well and with efficiency, a bartender must pay attention to an endless number of minute details. To be successful when it comes to the drink making process, a bartender must be an efficiency expert.  
A bartender needs to have a good memory. A good memory is obviously important in gaining a thorough knowledge of beer, wine, and spirits, and in learning the scores of cocktail recipes a bartender needs to know, but a good memory will also serve a bartender in good stead in his interactions with regular customers. Some of the best bartenders in the business have absolutely prodigious memories, and can remember the names of hundreds of customers, and in some cases even where they work and the names of their spouses or children.
Part of making drinks involves handling the pressure of a high paced environment. Bartenders must be able to handle this pressure with a calm demeanor. Good customer service skills are vital in this role.
Alongside making drinks, a bartender must be able to handle money accurately and efficiently. A bar might be a party but it is also a business.
The last basic function of a bartender is a wildly comprehensive one it is up to the bartender to solve problems and make sure everything goes smoothly. Whether is fixing the dishwasher or settling an ugly situation from developing the bartender must be in control.


  • BASIC MATH SKILLS - Bartenders don't have to add up the tab anymore in today's world of computers and software, but they do need to be able to do basic math quickly in making change, figuring tips, and calculating amounts of mixer and alcohol when making drinks. - Quantitative Aptitude

  • BASIC GAMMER AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Verbal Skills and Verbal Reasoning







Verbal ability is essential because grammar and vocabulary is a prerequisite for good spoken and written English.

Reading comprehension indicates an ability to comprehend and reason with the concepts on a written page.

Quantitative ability will indicate analytical thinking and problem-solving ability.

This pre-employment test is useful for hiring:
  • Bartenders

Test details:

Bartender Test Details: 40 Questions 50 minutes

  • Verbal Ability -                   18 Questions 21 minutes

  • Verbal Reasoning -            10 Questions 17 minutes

  • Quantitative Aptitude -      12 Questions 12 minutes

Bartender Test

Question #1 of 3

Direction to Solve
Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

...... a failure of some traffic lights, traffic is moving very slowly.

    • Owing

    • Due to

    • Because

    • Since

Question #2 of 3

Direction to Solve
Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

He is so ...... to light that he never leaves the house without sunglasses.

    • insensitive

    • sensitive

    • afraid

    • immune

Question #3 of 3

George Herman "Babe Ruth" was born February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents owned a saloon near the
current site of Camden Yards in Baltimore. They were of German descent and taught him to speak German fluently. George
was actually somewhat of a petty criminal as a young boy. By age seven he was already involved in drinking alcohol and
chewing tobacco. Because he was too difficult for his parents to control, George was sent away to a Catholic school. It was
here, where Brother Matthias taught him baseball.
As a teenager, George became the team's catcher and then pitcher. At the age of 19, Jack Dunn, a scout for the Orioles,
discovered George's baseball talents and promptly signed him to a contract. After performing well as a pitcher and a batter
for the Orioles during spring training, George made the team. Because he was such a young talent, he earned the nickname
On April 22, 1914, Babe pitched a shutout against the Buffalo Bisons in his major­league debut. Because the Orioles were in
poor financial shape, Jack Dunn was forced to sell off his best players. Babe was sold to the Boston Red Sox in 1914 for an
amount between $20,000 and $35,000.
After pitching for the Red Sox minor league club in Providence, Rhode Island, Babe was called up to the majors permanently
toward the end of the 1914 baseball season. After the season, he married Helen Woodford. In 1915, Babe secured a spot in
the Red Sox starting pitching rotation. That year, the Red Sox won the World Series. Babe pitched to a record of 18 wins and
8 losses. He also batted .315 and hit four home runs. He pitched even better in 1916, going 23­12 with nine shutouts. The
Red Sox again won the World Series and Babe pitched a shutout in Game Two. In 1917, Babe went 24­13, though the Red
Sox failed in their bid to win a third consecutive World Series.
In 1917, because of his success at the plate, Babe began playing the outfield more and pitching less. In 1918, he led the
major leagues with 11 home runs. Once again, Babe led the Red Sox to the Word Series title, even though the season was
shortened by World War I. In 1919, Ruth set the major league record by hitting 29 home runs in a season. He had become
the best player in baseball. Babe became an attraction wherever he went, and large crowds gathered to watch him play.
Many believe he was the driving force behind the increased popularity of baseball. Despite his on­the­field success, Ruth
began to wear out his welcome with the Red Sox. He frequently argued with management and had a reputation for partying
late into the night and consuming large amounts of alcohol. He marriage to Helen Woodward also deteriorated. Because he
was the biggest star in baseball, he demanded higher salaries from management even though the team was in a terrible
financial position. On January 3, 1919, the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. The sale would
become one of the most infamous transactions in sports history and became forever known as "The Curse of the Bambino."
After selling Babe Ruth, the Red Sox would endure 15 consecutive losing seasons and would not win another World Series
until 2004.
Babe Ruth would become the biggest star in sports history as a New York Yankee. In 1920, he had the best season in
baseball history. He hit (a then unheard of) 54 home runs and batted .376! Amazingly, only one TEAM hit more home runs
than Babe Ruth in 1920. Ruth immediately became a national icon and the pride of New York City. He was not only the most
popular athlete in the United States, but the most popular person! In 1921, Babe enjoyed the greatest statistical season in
baseball history ­ still no one has matched it. He hit 59 home runs and batted .378. He also knocked in 177 runs and
amassed 857 total bases. His 857 total bases in a season remains a record today. Although he led the Yankees to the World
Series, he injured his arm in Game Five, and the Yankees were defeated in seven games. Ruth had a sub-par year (for him)
in 1922, and again, the Yankees were defeated in the World Series.
1923 was the inaugural season for the new Yankee Stadium, which would later be nicknamed "The House that Ruth Built".
Babe batted .393 and hit 41 home runs. In 1923, the Yankees won the World Series, and Babe Ruth hit three home runs.
Ruth would go on to lead the Yankees to World Series titles in 1927, 1928, and 1932. The 1927 Yankees, with Babe Ruth
and Lou Gehrig, went 110­44. Many historians say it was the greatest team in baseball history. That year, Ruth hit a record 60
home runs (it was broken by Roger Maris in 1961). In the 1928 World Series, Ruth batted .625 and hit three home runs! In
1932, the Yankees beat the Chicago Cubs four games to none. The 1932 series, however, will forever be remembered for
one of the most legendary events in sports history. In Game Three of the series at Chicago's Wrigley Field, Babe Ruth
allegedly pointed to the center field bleachers as a declaration of where he would hit the next pitch. Amidst the screaming
fans, and taunting gestures of the Cubs players, Ruth deposited the pitch into the center field bleachers some 440 feet away.
The home run, perhaps the most celebrated in baseball history, became know as Babe Ruth's Called Shot. Today, experts
are in disagreement as to whether Ruth actually called his home run, or, was simply pointing at the pitcher. Several grainy
videos and pictures exist, but still don't show conclusively what Ruth was pointing to. After this home run, the Citrus Candy
Company posted a huge billboard overlooking Wrigley Field advertising their Baby Ruth candy bars. Three years before, in
4/26/2016 ­ Babe Ruth Reading Comprehension 2/4
1929, Babe Ruth married Claire Merritt. He would remain with Merritt, who is credited with helping Babe clean up his
personal life, bad habits, and diet, until his death
After the 1932 series, however, Ruth's career began coming to end. The 1934 season was his last as a Yankee. He signed
with the Boston Braves in 1935 and played less than half the season. He hit his last home run at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh
on May 25, 1935. It was his 714th home run. Today, Babe Ruth is third on baseball's all­time home run list. Ruth's career was
perhaps the greatest in baseball history. In 1936, he was one of the first five players inducted into the Baseball Hall­of­Fame.
In June of 1948, the Yankees retired his number "3". Unfortunately, his reckless lifestyle caught up with him quickly after this
retirement. On August 16, 1948, Babe Ruth died of throat cancer. He was only 53. Nearly 10,000 people attended his funeral
and tens of thousands more lined up along the streets of New York to pay their respects. Babe Ruth remains an icon today
and one of the most recognizable sports personalities in history. His birthplace in Baltimore has been converted into the
Babe Ruth Museum.

What is an "icon" as used in this passage?

    • A person who doesn't want attention

    • A person who has a troubled life.

    • A person who is very famous and recognizable

    • A symbol on a computer

Candidate Name: David Messi Test Date: 28-May-2014
Test Name: Bartender Test Test Start Time: 13.30

Score: 7 Out Of 10

Percentage: 70

Result: PASS

passing score image
Section Name FAIL PASS
Active Listening
Score: 4/4
Behavioral Skills
Score: 1/3
Creative Thinking
Score: 2/3
Strength Active Listening
Weakness Behavioral Skills
* Note: If score <= 40 then its a Weakness. If score >= 80 then its a Strength.
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100%
Tolerable Limit Not acceptable
Window Violation: 0 | Time Violation: 0 secs
Gender : Male Phone Number : +1-541-754-3010
Total Experience (Years) : 3 Total Experience (Months) : 5
Skill Set : Active Listening Current Employer : Interview Mocha
Current Job Title : Solution Architect Current Salary : 600.00
Expected Salary : 1000000.00 Current Location : Chicago

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