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Bartender Knowledge Test

Topics Covered

  • Active listening
  • Behavioral skills
  • Creative thinking

Useful for hiring

  • Bartenders

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You are an executive assistant, and your boss has asked you to attend a presentation in which the company's growth in the running quarter will be discussed. You are also asked to prepare the minutes of the meeting. Which of the following activities would you avoid listening to other people expressing their thoughts?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • Completing the speaker's sentences

    • Interrupting the speaker in between

    • Nodding to acknowledge that you got the point the speaker wants to convey


John is a sales manager at an educational service company and is considdered to be very good in her work. The customers are also very happy with his support. Today, Benjamin, who is very disappointed on account of poor performance of his son: Smith, has called in.  Smith  has subscribed to few of the courses which John's company provides. While discussing with Benjamin which of following things should be kept in mind by John. 

    • Listen attentively to Benjamin and speak only when he has finished his point.

    • Remain calm and cordial towards Benjamin, empathize with him.

    • Do active listening, always ask the relevant questions.

    • All of the above.


In the medical sector, we have the frame/perception that making medical screening as inexpensive as possible removes barriers and enhances uptake. 
On an opposite note, it can be perceived that higher the cost of medical screening, more is its value.
However, we get the impression that this idea is frame breaking.
Which of the following is the most appropriate reason for this perception?

    • 1) The idea makes people feel uncomfortable and isn't good for the poor.

    • 2) The idea isn't actionable.

    • 3) The idea isn't backed by logic and hence is not sensible.

    • Both Choice 1 and Choice 2

    • Both Choice 1 and Choice 3

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