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Microsoft Exchange Server Test

Topics Covered

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
  • Components
  • Service

Useful for hiring

  • Microsoft Exchange Analyst
  • Microsoft Exchange Engineer

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Consider the given scenario:
Whenever a user logs in, they are unable to see a frequently used folder or mailbox. How do they save a constant location?

    • Add this location to the favorites menu by right-clicking on the folder item location

    • Drag it to the top

    • Drag it to a top folder

    • Create a shortcut from the categorization menu


Consider the given scenario:
Your manager asks you to maintain a patch schedule for exchange. What preparation do you need to complete before patching an Exchange Mailbox Server?

    • Move all the active databases off that server

    • Make sure there are no active mail flow or replay logs on that server

    • Set this server to Maintenance Mode

    • All of the mentioned

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