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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Analyst Skills Test

Topics Covered

  • MS Dynamics
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Analytical Thinking
  • SDLC
  • Agile Concepts

Useful for hiring

  • Business Analyst - CRM Dynamics (0-2 years experience)
  • MS Dynamics CRM Business Analyst (0-2 years experience)
  • Jr. MS Dynamics CRM Business Analyst (0-2 years experience)

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You are a Business Analyst at BD Bank. You are involved in a software project that is replacing an out-dated, inefficient legacy system (System X) with an efficient, process-driven web-based solution. However, the project team is facing a few challenges.

The project has requested a detailed stakeholder matrix. You have documented the stakeholder matrix in the RACI format. The stakeholder matrix identifies several key stakeholders. 

RACI legend:
Responsible - Those who do the work to achieve the task
Accountable - Signs off various project outputs and ensures thorough completion of each task
Consulted - Required to provide feedback on documents / in workshops
Informed - Keep up to date on progress

Which of the following statements is not correct pertaining to the Business Analyst’s responsibilities as documented in the RACI matrix?

    • The business analyst will provide input into the development process and support the senior developer

    • The business analyst will document the Functional Requirement specification in accordance with the project governance principles

    • The business analyst will analyze the documented process and provide feedback to the stakeholders

    • The business analyst will send project progress communications to project stakeholders


You have a Dynamics CRM organization. You need to tell a user which types of out-of-the-box charts are available on a personal dashboard in CRM. Which two types of charts are available?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • tag

    • scatter

    • pie

    • funnel

    • doughnut


You are modifying a Dynamics CRM form for a custom entity. You need to identify which parts of the CRM form users can use to modify data. Which two parts should you identify?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • Navigation

    • Footer

    • Header

    • Body

Test details:

The MS Dynamics CRM business analyst test enables employers and recruiters to identify potential hires by evaluating working skills and job readiness. For this reason, the emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience, rather than theoretical knowledge.

Questions: 30

Duration: 30 minutes

  • Business Analyst: 10 Questions 10 minutes

  • CRM 2016 - Customization and Configuration: 10 Questions 10 minutes

  • Analytical Thinking: 5 Questions 5 minutes

  • Writing Skills: 5 Questions 5 minutes

Test description:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Analyst Test helps recruiting teams & hiring managers to effectively assess the skills of candidates before an interview. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM business analyst mostly interviews and interact with the clients so that they can develop situational observations and interpretations. It also performs critical analysis of client business situations and also manages the defect triage for internal and external testing.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM business analyst test is designed to assess the candidates in the areas of CRM Software Implementation, SDLC, Database design, quality assurance, architecture experience knowledge, etc.- as per Industry Standards.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM business analyst skills test contains meaningful questions on:

  • MS Dynamics

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Analytical Thinking

  • SDLC

  • Agile Concepts. 

MS Dynamics CRM online test for business analyst is designed & validated by our subject matter experts (SME)s. Using powerful reporting, you can have a detailed analysis of the test results to help you make a better hiring decision and predict the candidate’s performance.

The test contains MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, True or False.

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