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Kubernetes Assessment Test

Topics Covered

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • kubectl
  •  Pods
  • Creating Secrets
  • Kube-Controller
  • Viewing Deployed Application
  • Creating Cluster

Useful for hiring

  • DevOps Architect - Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Developer

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You have created a monolithic application that integrates with Kubernetes API; the API responds normally when you authenticate with it using normal credentials using curl commands, however, it fails whenever you send a request using the monolithic application you have developed, what Kubernetes component might be responsible for the failure?

    • kube-proxy

    • namespace controller

    • serviceaccounts controller

    • image registry


You are about to expose a multiple port service, however, whenever you attempt to create the service, Kubernetes expects an additional field, what is the additional mandatory field for multiple port services?

    • isMultiple

    • name

    • portName

    • multiplePort


You have a granulated application deployed on Kubernetes, each pod communicates with a service, you need to list all services listed by its name using kubectl, which command will be used?

    • kubectl get services -–

    • kubectl get services –

    • kubectl get services -–

    • kubectl get services -–

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