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Executive Assistant Test Assessment

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If you change the Page Orientation for a document, one of the following happens:

    • Header and Footer information will change according to the orientation

    • Header and Footer information will remain as displayed

    • Header and Footer information will disappear and be saved externally

    • Header and Footer information will become Hyperlinks


How do you set a print area within Excel 2013 document?

    • Select the part of the document you want to print. Go to Home Tab, in Alignment group click on Wrap Text button to wrap the content within document margins

    • Select the part of the document you want to print. Go to View Tab, in Zoom group click on Zoom to Selection button to zoom the content within document margins

    • Select the part of the document you want to print. Go to Page Layout Tab, in Page Setup group click on Print Area button and choose Set Print Area option from drop down menu

    • Select the part of the document you want to print. Go to Page Layout Tab, in Page Setup group click on Margins button and choose Narrow option from drop down menu to fit content within margins


Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank.

Even as he spoke, an/a ___________ between President Cleveland and the U.S. Senate over the annexation of Hawaii was in high spate, making it an extraordinary time for such observations.

    • imbroglio

    • quorum

    • citadel

    • florid

Test details:

Test Details : 50 Questions 73 minutes 

  • Logical Reasoning - 08 Questions and 10 minutes

  • Verbal Ability - 08 Questions and 11 minutes

  • Abstract Reasoning - 08 Questions and 20 minutes

  • Verbal Reasoning - 08 Questions and 10 minutes

  • Quantitative - 10 Questions and 12 minutes

Test description:

Executive assistants provide high-level administrative support to executives in a company or corporation. Like secretaries or personal assistants, they conduct clerical work. However, executive assistants also perform duties that can have an effect on the success or profitability of a business, such as helping with marketing research, training staff, and scheduling important meetings. Assignments involve work of a confidential or complex nature, necessitating exposure to sensitive information and contacts requiring considerable discretion, judgment, tact, and diplomacy as well as a practical knowledge of the practices and procedures of the function, general company policies, and programs. The Executive Assistant is responsible for supporting senior-level tasks and communications while optimizing time, efficiency, and focus. The Executive Assistant must have the ability to organize a busy calendar, draft internal communications, and manage other projects, as assigned. He must be detail-oriented, resourceful, and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously; all while maintaining a professional, confidential, and positive attitude.


  • Conserves executive time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information; initiating communications

  • Maintains executive appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, and travel

  • Makes transportation arrangements; booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, as necessary

  • Manages and maintains executive calendars

  • Prepares executives for meetings and events, as needed

  • Maintains office supplies and inventory; anticipates needs and evaluates new office products and ways of doing things that increase efficiency within the work environment

  • Manages office operations and facilities administration, as needed

  • Welcomes guests by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; provides support during meetings

  • Tracks and prioritizes projects perform supporting research and effectively communicates within the

  • Company on project needs and status

  • Enhances communications between executives and internal team members

  • Maintains executive confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential

  • Execute special or continuous research and data analysis. Analyzes problems, determines approach, compiles and analyzes data, and prepares reports / recommendations for action by a management team. Enters data and manages information in a database. Maintains complex files and records. Maintains and updates department resources and tools such as employee lists, referral lists, phone lists, organizational charts, or another department information.

  • Takes dictation and transcribes notes for letters, memos, and reports. Types materials in final form from very rough or involved drafts which may utilize the frequent use of technical terminology and statistical data.  ?


  • Possesses excellent communication skills; both written and verbal – Verbal Ability and Verbal Reasoning
  • Problem Solver – Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning

  • Experience creating systems, processes and procedures- Abstract Reasoning

  • Strong computer skills – MS Word, Excel

  • Detail-oriented, organized, and self-starting

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