Online .Net Design Patterns Skill Assessment Test

Topics covered

GOF Decorator Design Pattern, GOF Singleton Pattern, Composite Design Pattern, Transfer Object Pattern, Dependency Injection Pattern

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.Net Design Patterns Test assists Recruiters and Hiring Managers to effectively assess the knowledge of candidate about .Net Design Patterns before an interview. Design Patterns provides the general solutions to solve the common design problems. Design Patterns in .Net are the most powerful tool for software developers so that it helps to apply patterns to specific problems. Design patterns in .Net contains three categories such as Creational Patterns which consists of the abstract factory, singleton, builder and prototype, Structural Pattern which consists of an adapter, bridge, composite, decoder, proxy and facade, Behavioural Pattern such as iterator, mediator, strategy, observer, etc. This test on Design patterns in .Net is specially designed to check skills on .Net Design Patterns of .Net developers- As per Industry Standards.
.Net Design pattern assessment test contains questions on following Topics:

  • GOF Decorator Design Pattern

  • GOF Singleton Pattern

  • Composite Design Pattern

  • Transfer Object Pattern

  • Dependency Injection Pattern 

This .Net Design Patterns online test has been developed and reviewed by the pool of our Subject Matter Experts (SME)s. Using powerful reporting, you can have a detailed analysis of the test results to help you make a better hiring decision and predict the candidate’s performance.

The test contains MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, True or False.

This pre-employment test is useful for hiring:
  • C# .Net programmer-Design Patterns
  • .Net Developer-Design Patterns

Test details:

This .Net Design Pattern skill test enables employers and recruiters to identify potential hires by evaluating their working skills and job readiness. For this reason, the emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience, rather than theoretical knowledge.

Test Details: 40 minutes

40 Application and Theory Questions

The combination on Application and Theory questions helps to evaluate Technical as well as practical Skills of Candidates

.Net Design Patterns Test

Question #1 of 3

Which of the following describes the Memento pattern correctly?

    • This pattern is used to get a way to access the elements of a collection object in a sequential manner without any need to know its underlying representation.

    • This pattern is used to reduce communication complexity between multiple objects or classes.

    • This pattern is used to restore state of an object to a previous state.

    • This pattern is used when there is a one-to-many relationship between objects such as if one object is modified, its dependent objects are to be notified automatically.

Question #2 of 3

Which of the following patterns should be used when more than one object can handle a request and the handler is unknown? 

    • Chain of Responsibility

    • Command

    • Strategy

    • Observer

Question #3 of 3

public class Job
    private ArrayList applicants;
    private JobStatus statusOfJob;
    public Job()
        applicants = new ArrayList();
    public void Add(Applicant candidate)
    public void Remove(Applicant candidate)
    public void Notify()
        foreach (Applicant candidate in applicants)
    public JobStatus Status
            return statusOfJob;
            statusOfJob = value;

public enum JobStatus{FILLED,SUSPENDED,REMOVED};
public class Applicant
    string fname;
    string lname;
    string emailID;
    string phoneNo;
    public Applicant()
        // TODO: Add constructor logic here
#region Properties for exposing the member variables
    public void Update(Job appliedJob)
            case JobStatus.FILLED:...
            case JobStatus.REMOVED:...
            case JobStatus.SUSPENDED:...
    //Your own functionality
    //End Of Functionality

What pattern is this?

    • Interpreter

    • Mediator

    • Observer

    • None of the mentioned

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23 Minutes

Java EE




Oracle PL/SQL


Analytical Thinking


Note:If score<= 30% then its a Weakness. If score >=70% then its a Strength.


Java EE, Oracle PL/SQL, Analytical Thinking




It was a good test for me, the questions were on the latest technology of java on which I am currently working. It was a great experience. Thank you!

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