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Database, SQL Online Test

Topics Covered

  • SQL Data Types and Literals
  • SQL Operators
  • Views
  • Indexes
  • Nulls
  • SQL Functions
  • SQL Tables
  • Queries
  • Commands and clause
  • PL/SQL
  • DBMS Concepts
  • DDL
  • DML
  • DTL(TCL)

Useful for hiring

  • Junior SQL Developer
  • SQL Programmer
  • SQL Coder
  • SQL Database Administrator
  • SQL Admin

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SELECT name, course_id 
FROM instructor, teaches 
WHERE instructor_id = teaches_id; 

This query can be replaced by which one of the following query?

    • SELECT name, course_id 
      FROM   teaches, instructor 
      WHERE  instructor_id = course_id; 

    • SELECT name, course_id 
      FROM   instructor 
             natural JOIN teaches; 

    • SELECT name, course_id 
      FROM instructor; 

    • SELECT course_id 
      FROM instructor 
      JOIN teaches;


The table below shows a relationship for Prince University student database:

As a user and administrator of the prince university database and certain information are required from you from the database. Which is less likely viable?

    • The user of the database should be able to ask for a list of courses taken by a specific student

    • Ask for a list of students currently enrolled in a specific course

    • Ask for a list of students currently enrolled in all courses

    • Ask for a list of students not enrolled in all the courses

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