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Cyber Security Test Assessment

Topics Covered

  • Data Destruction
  • WPA2 Authentication
  • System Logs
  • Information Security Auditor
  • ARP Spoofing

Useful for hiring

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Analyst

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While selling a system access monitoring solution, which user activities should you advise a client are most important to monitor?

    • Number of successful and failed logons

    • Whether some accounts are locked

    • Which IP address is the User IP assigned

    • Frequency of password changes


In the process of reviewing security logs on a Linux server following a cyber-attack, you come across the following:
env x=`(){ :;};echo exploit` bash -c 'cat /etc/passwd' 

What was the attack attempting to achieve?

    • Add a new password to the file

    • Encrypt the passwords in the file

    • Changes a password in the file

    • Display password content to prompt


A new cleaner has been very curious about the technical details of your company’s IT infrastructure, as he says he has an interest in joining IT after he finishes his night time computer science degree. This is an example of which type of attack?

    • Mental engineering

    • Human engineering

    • Social engineering

    • Behavioral engineering

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