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Online C# Technical Test- Medium Level

Topics Covered

  • Class
  • Method
  • Object
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Constructors

Useful for hiring

  • C# Developer
  • C# Programmer
  • C# Consultant

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One day going through some old books, our hacker, Little Stuart finds something scribbled on the corner of a page. 

Now he believes that the scribbled text is more mysterious than it originally looks, so he decides to find every occurrence of all the permutations of the scribbled text in the entire book. Since this is a huge task, Little Stuart needs your help, he needs you to only figure out if any permutation of the scribbled text exists in the given text string, so he can save time and analyze only those text strings where a valid permutation is present.

Input Format

The first line contains scribbled text and
Next line contains a text string. 
All characters in both the strings are in lowercase only [a-z].

Output Format

Print YES or NO depending on whether any permutation of the pattern exists in the text string.

Sample Input 
use  --  Scribbled text
question  --  Text string

Sample Output 


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