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Azure Machine Learning Skills Test

Topics Covered

  • Model Selection
  • Feature Engineering
  • Feature Reduction
  • Data Import
  • Implementation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Cleaning

Useful for hiring

  • Machine Learning Specialist 
  • Data Engineer-Machine Learning 
  • Machine Learning Research Scientist 

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George Nichkov, Gett,
Global Analytics Team Lead

You want to setup a compute environment for your experiment using ML. You want to use ML to avail its REST API capabilities with authentication, load balancing, automatic scale-out and encryption features. Which tool in ML Model Management provides this?

    • Azure Storage Account

    • Azure App Services

    • Azure Functions

    • Azure Container Services


You have a dataset which is very biased towards one class (majority), 99% of the data is for class 1 and 1% data is for class2. You want to perform the classification task and remove the bias from the data. What should you do?

A) Perform oversampling for minority class (SMOTE)
B) Perform undersampling for majority class
C) Perform undersampling for minority class
D) Perform oversampling for majority class

    • A and B

    • A and C

    • B and D

    • C and D


You have an experiment which is used to support and improve interactive data science experimentations. For that, you are using Jupyter Notebook with Workbench. Which of the following types of Notebook kernels are supported by Workbench?

    • Python kernel in Docker (local or remote)

    • PySpark kernel in HDInsight cluster

    • PySpark kernel in Docker (local and remote)

    • Local Python kernel

    • All of the mentioned

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