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Apache Tomcat Online Test

Topics Covered

  • JDBC
  • Deployment
  • Administration
  • Logging
  • Security

Useful for hiring

  • Apache Tomcat Administrator
  • Tomcat Server Admin
  • Linux System Admin - Apache Tomcat
  • System Administrator –Apache Tomcat

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Assume you are facing an issue with a specific version of Tomcat and you need to gather more information about the issue. What can you do to achieve this?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.

    • Increase the log level of Tomcat

    • Run catalina using a debugger using the command:
      ./ debugger

    • Run catalina using a debugger using the command:
      ./ debug

    • Run catalina using a debugger using the command:
      ./ jpda start


Assume a new administrator has started Tomcat with the root user. Then he was informed that he must start it using the user designed to run with Tomcat due to security reasons. But when he started Tomcat, he faced permission errors. How can he solve this issue?

    • Change the ownership of all script files only to root user

    • Add tomcat user to sudoers and run the startup script using the command:

    • Change the ownership of all files from root to the Tomcat user

    • Change the ownership of all files to root


Assume you have deployed a new version of your app on tomcat, however, after the new deployment Tomcat stops responding sometimes. Unfortunately, there are no entries in all logs. How can you proceed with troubleshooting without redeployment of a newly modified WAR?

    • Extract a thread dump from memory using kill -3 when the issue occurs

    • Create a new installation of Tomcat and deploy the application

    • Upgrade the Tomcat version

    • There is no way to gather information from Tomcat when the issue occurs, and there are no log entries

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