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Apache Cassandra Online Test

Topics Covered

  • Tombstone expiration
  •  Bloom filter
  •  Starved stables
  •  Data caches
  •  Replication
  • the Consistency level
  •  Commitlog sync
  •  Snitch
  •  Selection clause
  •  Nodetool

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  • Java Developer
  • Data Science Developer
  • Full stack Developer

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While working in Cassandra one of the node is unreachable. You get a hint of missing data writes in the node. If you want to avoid the expiration of tombstone by repairing all the data within token range, which of the following repair methods will you use? 

    • Full repairs

    • Continued repairs

    • Incremental repairs

    • All of the mentioned


While reading a path in Cassandra the data on disk is merged with data in RAM. You have used the bloom filter to determine whether the data from the two exists or not. What would be the value you set for bloom_filter_fp_chance, when you are using it for LeveledCompactionStrategy?

    • 0

    • 0.01

    • 0.1

    • 1


While working with Cassandra, with peer-to-peer architecture every node in the cluster is eligible to receive read/write requests. Upon receiving the write request, columns would first be written on the commit log and then into the memtable onto the assigned node. Determine what alternatives will be adopted in case if the memory limit is exceeded for Cassandra inserts and updates?

    • The largest memtable will be flushed out on to disk

    • The smallest memtable will be flushed out on to disk

    • Last memtable will be flushed out on to disk

    • First memtable will be flushed out on to disk

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