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AEM Online Test (Adobe Experience Manager)

Topics Covered

  • AEM modes
  • AEM components
  • AEM features and segments
  • AEM store
  • AEM sling scripting
  • AEM cookie keys
  • Rollout configuration
  • AEM nodes

Useful for hiring

  • AEM Developer
  • AEM Programmer
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Consultant

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You are in the process of customizing responses to Http status code 500 errors. While doing so, you have created a 500.jsp script. You find that your script is not executed even when the response code is set to 500. What should be done to fix this?

    • HttpServletResponse.sendError(500) should be executed from an exception catcher

    • CQ WCM Debug Filter should be disabled

    • error handler script should have the exception class name

    • All of the above should be done


Given here are some use cases in which you are thinking of using JCR queries. In which of these use cases is it appropriate to use these queries?

1: User fulltext search
2: For navigation rendering
3: Showing the count of news articles

    • Only 1 and 2

    • Only 2 and 3

    • All 1,2 and 3

    • None of the mentioned


You wish to prevent the AEM component 6.3 you have designed from generating a wrapper element over itself. Which of these component control properties would you utilize to do so?

    • cq:nowrapperelement

    • cq:nowrapper

    • cq:nodecoration

    • cq:disableComponentWrapper

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