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Take a Quick Decision

Decision making engine for recruitment team

Our simple and decisive candidate reports quickly let you know the overall score and sectional score. Decide in seconds and take an informed decision.

Quick Hiring Decision

Quick hiring decisions

The candidate is relevant, what next? Expected salary, notice period, preferred location, etc. Collect this data right before candidate taking the test. Use these details to take quick hiring decisions.

Cheating Prevention

Any unfair means during the exam?

Online proctoring of the test taker is conducted remotely by the system in real time and it captures the facts. Our advanced proctoring technology helps you understand if he/she used any unfair means during the test.

Download Report as PDF or Excel

Your favorite excel and pdf

Our reports can be easily exported to your favorite excel and pdf. Download, slice and dice the data.

Share Report as PDF

Teamwork is the key to recruitment, share the reports

Have you felt a need to share the reports with colleagues, managers, clients? Use Interview Mocha sharing feature to communicate effectively.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics

Filtering candidates was never so easy! Interview Mocha's easy to use, advanced analytics, assessment integration and candidate ranking tools will help you streamline the selection process, ensuring best-fit and faster decisions.

quote With Interview Mocha, we no longer have to focus on collecting the information. We’re able to make confident decisions based on our test results and candidate employment data. The investment is justifiable in terms of insights, time saved and faster hiring!

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Measure and track pre-employment testing using reports

  • Free trial for 14 days.
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